of the Great Commission

What is the finish line?

Finish lines are a way to strategically focus on what Jesus commanded us to do.

Prayer, Compassion, Evangelism, Bible Engagement and Christian Community, as finish lines, give us a comprehensive framework to see this nation transformed and discipled. What would happen if the Body of Christ came together around these common goals of the Great Commission? 

Let us give ourselves fully to the task of reaching every person in all of the Caribbean. When we look at these areas as ‘finishable’ our strategies and plans take on a new urgency and hope.

Together we could see the great Commission fulfilled in our lifetime! 


Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.
Matthew 28:19-20
The Great Commission


Every person in Caribbean prayed for by name, churches committed to regular prayer, and community-wide prayer initiatives in every city.

Why is it important to begin with prayer? Join Murray Herbert, as he shares about the value of prayer and how you can take practical steps towards the goal of every person in the Caribbean being prayed for by name.


We must see every household and campus adopted in prayer and every person prayed for by name.


Sign-up for a prayer chain or a monthly day/half-day of prayer with the goal of praying for your community 24/7.

Prayer Events

Special times of coming together to pray for your community.


Every person shown God’s love in action by identifying and meeting practical needs, educating, equipping, and working with specialized services.

What does it look like to reach your nation with the compassion of Jesus?

Meet Needs

Learning the needs of those around us will lead to natural opportunities to meet those needs and share the Gospel.

Educate & Equip

The church is to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need around them and to affect lasting change in their lives.

Specialized Services

Addressing issues like absentee parents, sex trafficking, and addictions of all kinds.


Every person hears the Gospel multiple times in relevant ways through personal evangelism, public proclamation events, and social media evangelism.

Do you have a desire for others to know God?

Personal Evangelism

Be intentional with those you are praying for and connect with them on a personal level, leading to natural opportunities for Gospel conversations.

Public Evangelism

As a part of the strategy for the All initiative, the public proclamation of the Gospel via evangelistic campaigns should take place in multiple venues in your area.

Online Evangelism

This layer of strategy will allow for every person in a specific area to be targeted with a Gospel message online – tailored to their demographic group.


Every person engaged with the life-giving words of the Holy Scriptures by eradicating Bible poverty, educating our society and equipping churches.

What does it mean to engage with the Bible?

Eradicate Bible Poverty

The Bible must be made available to every person using relevant languages and formats.

Educate Society

The foundational principles in the Bible for all areas of life – Education, Family, Government, Economics, Religion, Media, Arts, Entertainment and Sports.

Equip Churches

Implement plans for personal and corporate Bible studies. This would include making the Scripture available to new Christians.


Every person who comes to Christ connected to Christian Community through personal discipleship, small groups and church-based discipleship.

How do you create a culture of discipleship?


Effective discipleship happens through relationships. Everyone who prays and connects with those around them is already positioned to follow through with these new believers.

Small Groups

Some of the best settings for discipleship are home groups, workplace Bible studies, school clubs, and wherever you do life – pursuing Jesus together to encourage growth in godliness.

Church Gathered

This provides Christians opportunities to use their gifts and connects them to teaching, worship, and a greater network of personal and group discipleship movements.